Will Litch1986 Stay Afloat?

Litch -Blog 1986, www.litch1986.com, is two shaky years old on a budget-minded hosting plan that was supposed to be domain name/registration and hosting for life for a flat rate, one time payment of $95 USD from Top Hosting Company. It was the kickstart plan (a kickstart for THC’s hosting biz) called “Rudolf”, great for Bloggers! It’s been sort of a hassle mainly but recently I learned that they are really trying to tick off the budget minded folks who signed up. Only a few weeks before rolling out their new plan they emailed their customers telling them that they will now charge a $35 annual support fee which doesn’t have to be paid, but if you don’t pay this fee, you’ll be billed $5 for each and every basic email support inquiry… So, if you price out a super cheap plan with GD for a three year span of hosting, you’re looking at about 107 for just hosting and about 8- 9$/year for domain registration… So you might think you’re coming out alright with “Rudolf”…

But then there’s the $95 that you already paid! Huh?! I hate the hidden agendas of good deals!

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